The 10 best restaurants in Curacao

The 10 best restaurants in Curacao

The 10 best restaurants in Curacao

Curacao is a wonderful place to visit anytime of the year. The weather is amazing all-year round (be aware of some rainy days) and the summer vibe never stops buzzing. The island is filled with beautiful beaches, wonderful resorts, comfortable hotels, cute stores, friendly people and some amazing restaurants.

People often ask me if Curacao is a place for fine dining. Well, not necessarily, but it can be. Curacao offers a mix of fine-dining and low key restaurants. I compiled a list of the best restaurants I visited and rated them based on food quality, drink quality, ambiance and value for money.


Equus is a unique concept, open on Friday nights only. It’s a low-key outdoor restaurant, located on a former horse ranch. The concept: you can order 4 types of giant skewers: beef, shrimp, chicken and vegetables. The skewers are prepared on a big cooking pit and when ready, they are hung on a rack attached to your table. The only side dish you get is bread with some spicy dips. And be prepared: you have to eat with your hands (yes, the skewers too: just pull down the meat and/or vegetables and enjoy!). Each type of skewer is prepared perfectly, but my favourites are chicken and vegetable. There’s a self-service bar in the back. My recommendation: order some Bright beer and go with the (laid back) flow!

Tip: don’t go for a mix of chicken and beef on one skewer. They have to prepare the skewer for a longer time, which results in overcooked beef.

  • Food: 4/5 (Succulent!)
  • Drinks: 4/5 (Bright is always a good idea)
  • Ambiance: 4/5 (Cosy outdoor area, unique setting)
  • Value for money: 3/5 (More expensive than you’d expect from a low-key restaurant)

Caracasbaaiweg | Willemstad (Fridays only) |


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As the name suggests, Fishalicious has a main focus on seafood. I’ve visited the restaurant multiple times and it’s an amazing experience with high-end service and an impressive menu and wine list. Unfortunately they were changing their wine list the last time I was in Curacao and as such, many wines weren’t available. We settled for a Chardonnay which was okay, but not great. To emphasize: usually the wines are great! The restaurant has an elegant interior in which the maritime theme is clearly visible – with great eye to detail. In all honesty, I have to mention that some dishes are better than others – my favorite being the dover sole! The staff can recommend dishes suited to your preferences.

  • Food: 3.5/5 (Indulge on some fresh seafood!)
  • Drinks: 3.5/5 (Usually great, last time a limited availability of wines)
  • Ambiance: 4/5 (Elegant interior with a high-end vibe, kind staff)
  • Value for money: 3.5/5 (Steep but fair)

Penstraat 57 | Willemstad |

best restaurants curacao

Komedor Krioyo (Landhuis Dokterstuin)

If you’re looking for a local experience: this is it. They serve creole food at the back of an old colonial manor. Be prepared to try some local dishes, such as Sopi Kabitru (goat soup) and Piska Kóra Hasá (baked red snapper). There’s room for over 100 people and it’s often packed! Especially on Sundays it’s very busy. The restaurant is open from 09:00 till 18:00 so it’s lunch only. Komedor Krioyo is a low-key restaurant with some amazing flavours and an exceptionally friendly staff.

Tip: don’t order too much! The dishes are quite big. You can always order more.

  • Food: 4/5 (Local flavours between the locals!)
  • Drinks: 4/5 (Bright is always a good idea)
  • Ambiance: 2/5 (Outdoors, not-so-comfy chairs, cute tablecloths)
  • Value for money: 4/5 (Fair prices for an exorbitant amount of food)

Schottegatweg Oost 66 | Willemstad |


The Boathouse

The Boathouse is located on top of a hill and provides its guests with a spectacular view over the Spanish Water. The food is clearly prepared with great care and there’s an extensive wine list to choose from. It’s a perfect place for a romantic evening or a classy dinner with friends. The Boathouse perfectly integrates the Caribbean atmosphere with a luxurious allure. Expect great food, fine drinks, relaxing lounge music, excellent service and a soft sea breeze.

Tip: make a booking for a table at 18:00 and enjoy the view of the sunset.

  • Food: 5/5 (Quality products, tasteful dishes)
  • Drinks: 5/5 (Impressive wine list for the Caribbean)
  • Ambiance: 5/5 (Fine dining in the tropics)
  • Value for money: 4/5 (Well worth the money)

Brakkeput Ariba z/n | Willemstad |

Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant & Bar

Baoase is located on the beach of the Baoase Luxury Resort. In full, the restaurant is called Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant & Bar. And with good reason: it surely is a culinary experience. Expect outstanding service, fresh food with exceptional tastes and an impressive wine list. The ambiance is perfectly tailored for a Caribbean fine dining experience. As you’re seated at the beach, you enjoy a beautiful ocean view. French cuisine with an Asian twist. What’s not to love!

Tip: go all out with the tasting menu! It’s a full evening of amazing food and drinks.

  • Food: 5/5 (A gastronomic experience)
  • Drinks: 5/5 (Impressive wine list)
  • Ambiance 5/5 (Caribbean luxury with a Balinese touch)
  • Value for money 5/5 ($100 for a tasting menu which fills the entire evening)

Winterswijkstraat 2 | Willemstad |

best restaurants curacao

Wine Cellar

The Wine cellar is a French restaurant with Caribbean flair. It has a renowned dining room, which even Dutch royalty has frequented. Be prepared to be spoiled with exceptional service and superb French flavours in an authentic French setting. The menu includes mouth-watering dishes like lobster, rack of lamb and sautéed duck. Make sure to try one of their desserts: a piece of heaven on a plate. The dishes are quite generous; so don’t eat too much beforehand.

Tip: the air conditioning can be quite chilly. Dress a bit more warmly (even though it feels like France it’s still the Caribbean, so don’t overdo it)

Tip: make a reservation well in advance!

  • Food: 5/5 (Viva la France!)
  • Drinks: 5/5 (As the name implies: a lot of great wines!)
  • Ambiance: 5/5 (A visit to France)
  • Value for money: 5/5 (An unhurried gastronomic experience for fair prices)

Concordiastraat | Willemstad |

best restaurants curacao


Located in an old convent, Blessing provides its guests with a unique ambiance. They don’t pretend to be anything special, as they put it: “we differentiate ourselves by doing the usual things unusually well. No gastronomic fine dining experience, but fresh ingredients, craftsmanship and a high quality”. And that’s exactly what you get: beautiful dishes for a fair price in a cosy setting. A visit to Blessing is an exceptional culinary experience, without them tooting their own horn. I’ll toot it for them: this is without doubt one of the best restaurants Curacao has to offer.

We love the Bernardus Chardonnay and were a bit disappointed that they didn’t have it on the menu (unlike many other restaurants on Curacao). However, the food was so amazing that we immediately made a new reservation. When we came the second time, they had a surprise… Bernardus Chardonnay, especially for us! This personal touch demonstrates their exceptional service and attentiveness.

Tip: whatever you do, make sure you dine here.

  • Food: 5/5 (Beautiful dishes)
  • Drinks: 4/5 (Great drinks, but not as many wines as we would love to see)
  • Ambiance: 5/5 (An old convent with a touch of the Caribbean)
  • Value for money: 5/5 (Perfect)

Abraham de Veerstraat 12 | Willemstad |

best restaurants curacao

best restaurants curacao



BijBlauw is a boutique hotel, which houses a hidden gem in their courtyard: BijBlauw restaurant. The restaurant is open all day, so it offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. As it’s located next to the sea, you can enjoy the sound of the waves and ocean breeze while indulging on some fine food and drinks. The staff has an extensive knowledge of the menu and offers great service without too much fuss. The ambiance is cosy and extraordinary stylish, as if it jumped right out of an interior styling magazine.

Tip: they have some amazing cocktails and gin tonics.

Tip: there’s a Chef’s table. Make sure to make a reservation in advance if you want to enjoy this special experience.

  • Food: 4/5 (Great flavours, some dishes better than others)
  • Drinks: 4/5 (Not very much choice in wines, but they do have great cocktails)
  • Ambiance: 5/5 (Courtyard next to the ocean: what’s not to love)
  • Value for money: 4/5 (Reasonable prices)

Kaya Papa Wilson Godett 82-84 | Willemstad |

best restaurants curacao

best restaurants curacao


Kome has a friendly ambiance and is the perfect place for great food with great company. “Kome” is the Papiamentu word for “Eat” and it delivers on that name. The food is savoury and the cocktails are a dream come true. Don’t expect fine dining, in stead; expect a mix of a fun bar scene, local cuisine and a low-key place for a romantic date. The restaurant has two floors and is quite busy with a fast-paced service.

Tip: make sure to enjoy their cocktails & chicken waffles!

Tip: this is also a good place for small bar bites and great cocktails (open till 02:30AM)

  • Food: 4/5 (Especially the chicken waffles)
  • Drinks: 5/5 (Give those cocktails a go!)
  • Ambiance: 3/5 (A bit too busy for my taste)
  • Value for money: 4/5 (Reasonable prices)

Johan van Walbeeckplein 6 | Willemstad |

best restaurants curacao

best restaurants curacao


Are you a sushi fan like me? Then don’t miss out on Chopstix! This place offers a little piece of Japan with fresh sushi and a friendly vibe. It’s a low-key place, nothing fancy, but cute. You can either eat inside or outdoors on the porch. The place is packed almost every day and I can understand why: they have a wonderful selection of food with a mix of sushi and warm dishes such as tempura.

Tip: are you not into the giant sushi rolls with mayonnaise? Tell them! They can make authentic maki rolls for you.

Tip: try the spicy tuna avocado boat. It’s to die for. The avocado’s are HUGE.

  • Food: 4/5 (Sushi! No more words needed)
  • Drinks: 4/5 (Order sake or Bright)
  • Ambiance: 3/5 (Nothing too special, just fine)
  • Value for money: 4/5 (Lots and lots of sushi for a good price)

Santa Rosaweg 33C | Willemstad |

best restaurants curacao

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