Itinerary: a fabulous weekend in Paris

Itinerary: a fabulous weekend in Paris

Itinerary: a fabulous weekend in Paris

Ooh-la la! The city of love is a gorgeous sight and the perfect destination for a fabulous weekend. Here’s a detailed itinerary of my last stay (3 days, 2 nights). At the end of this article you find an overview of the restaurant reservations to be made. Amusez vous-bien!

Where to stay

You can save a lot of money if you stay in the 17th Arrondisement. Is it fabulous? Well, maybe not THAT fabulous. BUT is saves you money to spend on other fabulous things to do. And let’s be honest. In Paris there are a gazillion things more fun than spending time in your hotel. The hotel is for sleeping, dressing up and romance. Not another second needs to be spent there. Looking for an ultimate Paris hotel experience? Then I suggest you take a look at my blog about the Buddha Bar Hotel!

Where we stayed: Mercure Paris 17 Batignolles. It’s convienently located close to the highway and easy for Ubers to pick you up and drop you off… which brings me to the next subject:

How to get around

Well, we’re talking about a fabulous weekend, aren’t we? A fabulous weekend includes a lot of great wines and possibly some high heels. Therefore: Uber is your friend! We took Ubers every day. Not a single metro ride was taken. A bit expensive? Sure. Maybe. But we’re going for fabulous! (using the Uber upgrades is optional)

Day 1

Afternoon: Beauty rest. Arrival at the hotel. If you arrive in the early afternoon or morning you probably left home (or another place of departure) pretty early. As it’s the intention to shine, I suggest you start with a beauty sleep and get some rest. Maybe find some time for romance with your beau. Then take a shower or bath, get that fabulous look on and head to town!

Optional: if you have some extra time, you could visit the Notre Dame this first afternoon.

Late afternoon: Views and bubbles! Start with some extravagant views at Windo, the sumptuous sky bar on top of the Hyatt Regency (Paris Etoile). This bar opens at 5PM. Try to be there around that time, as all the best tables are scooped very quickly. Note: wine and champagne start from around €16 per glass. So enjoy every sip.

windo skybar paris

windo paris

Evening: Dinner. Get an Uber and head to Prunier Restaurant, located on Avenue Victor Hugo. It’s a gorgeous Parisian restaurant with an Art-Deco interior that takes you straight back to the roaring 20’s. My suggestion would be to start with some oysters and champagne, then have the Christian Dior egg or the two boiled eggs with caviar and enjoy a shared main course of prawns flambéed with whiskey. Ye be warned: do not order too much as this restaurant serves some giant portions.

Christian Dior Egg @Prunier

Prawns flambéed with whiskey anyone?

As you probably end the day with a slight food coma, it would be wise to return to the hotel and enjoy a good night’s rest as it’s gonna be an early morning the next day.

Day 2

Morning: Rise&shine! It’s time for some exclusive moments with the Eiffel Tower. Set the alarm an hour before sunrise (or an hour and a half, depending on how much time you need to get ready) and put on your best non-tourist outfit. Have an Uber drop you off at Trocadéro and shoot that coveted Eiffel Tower pic. The best light is right after sunrise, so take advantage of that flattering moment. Afterwards, walk around the area and enjoy the wonderous views without the crowds.

Walk to Rue d’Université for another epic perspective of the Eiffel Tower. Consider grabbing some croissants and coffee on the way over there. You can either sit down at one of the many, many bistros or buy your breakfast from a local vendor near the Eiffel Tower.

Rue d’Université is another instagrammable spot. It’s also quite popular, so be prepared that there might be a line. Totally worth it though.

Early afternoon: BRUNCH! This is the moment you can shine while holding a sweet mimosa. Monsieur Blue is the place to go! You can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance, but the Eiffel Tower isn’t the most beautiful sight anymore… The terrace of Monsieur Bleu is also quite impressive. Think white linen amidst a lushious garden. Need I say more? Didn’t think so. (side note: I never had brunch inside, but I’m pretty convinced they know what they’re doing inside the building too).


monsieur bleu paris

my view

Afternoon: Shopping. Walk to Avenue Montaigne and be overwhelmed by all the labels: Chanel, Dior, YSL… it’s Parisian shopping heaven.

Late afternoon: Power nap. After the early alarm and fabulous activities it’s time to get some rest. Head back to the hotel, sleep a bit and then dress up again for a fabulous dinner.

Evening: Dinner & Cocktails. Take an Uber to Kong Restaurant. Try to get there as early as possible, so you can still enjoy the incredible view. Additional benefit: the earlier you get there, the more choice you have regarding tables. And you want a table next to the window. Trust me. I can recommend ordering a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, the sashimi starter and the cod with dashi bouillon. Tjerk was a big fan of the Wagyu main. After dinner, order an Uber and have a drink at Experimental Cocktail Club. Incredible cocktails which will make sure to bring your evening a perfect and fabulous ending.

Kong restaurant Paris

In love with my sashimi at Kong

Do you recognize the setting? It’s shown in the last season of Sex&The City.

sex and the city kong

Carrie loved it, while Juliette (Petrovsky’s ex) thought it was a hideous place (especially the chairs). I’m with Carrie though.

Day 3

Morning: Rise&Shine! Yep. It’s gonna be bit of an early morning again. Set the alarm around 8AM, dress up and take an Uber to Pont Alexandre III. It gives you an incredible view of the Seine and Parisian skyline. After you nail your picture, take a (romantic) walk along the Seine to the Louvre. Another iconic place to take a picture AND to enjoy incredible artwork. Visiting the museum is optional though, the grounds of the museum are already quite impressive. Try to score a seat on the outside terrace of the Cafe Mollien for a light breakfast and wonderful views! (note: acess only when visiting the museum). Another option is any bistro you encounter in the area. They are most likely to all offer flaky croissants and hot coffee.

Pont Alexandre Paris
My butt was cold for the entire day after sitting on this freezing wall for ten minutes


My lovely luggage louvre

In louvre with this place!

Early afternoon: Shopping and rooftops. Take an Uber to Galeries Lafayette. There’s more than enough shopping to be done for both him and her. So indulge! How about a new pair of Santoni’s for him and some gorgeous sunnies for her? Or maybe a Chanel bag. All bets are off. After all that extensive shopping it’s time for a well deserved drink. Head to the rooftop bar La Terrasse and take some time to relax.

Credits: Galleries Lafayette

Late afternoon: Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysées & LaDurée. It’s time to get in an Uber again! Ask the driver to drop you off at Arc de Triomphe and be amazed by this impressive structure. Take a walk on the Champs Elysées and visit LaDurée to enjoy the famous French sweets.


Evening: Bistro time. If you haven’t visited one already, it’s a must to enjoy some quality time at a bistro. Take a pick of any of the bistros on this list or this list. We loved Bistro Marloe, but really, any bistro on these lists will do! (If you feel adventurous: just sit down at the terrace of a cute looking bistro you’re passing by. Most French cooks know what they’re doing)

Raise a glass to the end of a fabulous weekend in Paris. I’d recommend to stay another night to enjoy a few extra glasses of wine, then head back home in the morning. Au revoir!

(scroll down for an overview of the restaurants and booking information)




Restaurant addresses and booking information

16, Avenue Victor Hugo
Tél. : +33 (0)1 44 17 35 85

I recommend sending them an e-mail

Monsieur Bleu
20 Avenue de New York, Paris 16ème
tél: 01 47 20 90 47

Use this link or visit their website and choose ‘réservation’

1 rue du Pont neuf, 75001 Paris
Tel : +33 1 40 39 09 00 / Fax: +33 1 40 39 09 10

Visit their website and choose ‘booking’



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