Luxury hotels: Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris

Luxury hotels: Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris

Luxury hotels: Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris

The Buddha-Bar Hotel in Paris blends the Parisian way of living with Asian culture. As the Buddha Bar Hotel states, their concept is ‘a voyage within a voyage’. And with success. This luxurious hotel reflects several cultures in an ultra-chic and tasteful manner.

The Buddha-Bar Hotel exceeds expectations and is the perfect choice for bon-vivants who are looking for the finer things in life. Conveniently located close to the iconic Buddha-Bar restaurant, the Buddha-Bar hotel is a gorgeous masterpiece in the heart of the refined Fabourg St. Honoré. This location is famous for its luxury boutiques and places you right in the middle of an haute couture dream.

Rooms & Amenities

This 5-star hotel breathes luxury, which is shown in every detail of the building. The rooms are spacious, decorated with rich fabrics, comfy beds and bathrooms that make your jaw drop. The fusion of Asia and France is clearly visible in the room design and amenities. Nothing is overlooked: designer perfection at its finest. Add the view of a gorgeous shopping street and you’ve got yourself the perfect stay in the city of lights.


In Restaurant le Vraymonde you can indulge on culinary sensations without borders. Inspired by the Buddha-Bar hotel DNA, the cuisine is a fusion of Eastern and Western flavours that will surely satisfy any bon-vivant connoisseur. The dishes are presented like a work of art, with great attention to detail – turning your lunch or dinner in a gastronomic experience.

Lounge Bar Le Qu4tre offers a mystique and elegant atmosphere with an Asian theme. The cocktail menu is composed by skilled mixologists and offers pure delight with unexpected flavours. The selection of cocktails is based around the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. The barmen know how to shake up the alchemical discipline and offer you only the best.

Bonus tip: The Buddha-Bar restaurant is located nearby, so the bon-vivants looking for taste sensations have plenty of choice! Whether you only try out one of these places or all of them: tasteful experiences guaranteed.

Outstanding service

As no detail in the hotel is overlooked, it’s no surprise that their service is outstanding. We actually booked another hotel (won’t mention any names), which should be a pretty boutique hotel… based on their online pictures. Pictures can be deceiving, as the hotel actually looked like a place where they serve soup to the homeless. Nothing wrong with the latter, it’s just not the place where I want to spend my romantic getaway. Our window ‘view’ showed us a rotting roof with a lost sock on it (seriously, HOW DOES THAT THING GET THERE?!)

We fled and before anyone could say “croissant” we arrived at the Buddha-Bar Hotel with squealing tires. This whole ‘drama’ cost us valuable time and upon arriving we shared our experience with the staff. After enjoying a wonderful day in Paris we returned in the hotel, to find a gorgeous and luxurious gift, compensating our lost hours. Hospitality at its finest. Chapeau!

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A mystique vibe….and a very decent wine collection.

Gastronomic beauty.

A feast for your eyes…

The art of mixology.

There’s much to do in Paris, but when a bathroom like this materializes in front of you, you might as well take a long bath.

buddha-bar hotel

A boutique hotel in the most beautiful area of Paris.

Love at first bite.

Our perfect treat from the hotel. Champagne is always the right answer.

Happy girls are the prettiest. This hotel makes me very, very happy.

Comfy bed, comfy carpet, comfy everything!

….and don’t forget to shop! Bought these beauties in Paris and I LOVE them.

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