The 5 best photo spots in Yogyakarta

The 5 best photo spots in Yogyakarta

The 5 best photo spots in Yogyakarta

When you visit Java, you’ll probably stop by Yogyakarta. It’s one of Java’s most beautiful cities and as such, there are some of the best photo spots in Yogjakarta. With Borobudur being the main attraction, most visitors focus on their visit there. And while Borobudur indeed is the image of beauty (especially during sunrise), there are other places which should be added on your to-do list asap. If you get to know me, you’ll learn that I always try to pick spots that are beautiful and not too hard to reach. For me, a holiday should be active, but not too active, as I emphasize on a relaxing and easy-going holiday experience.



Fruit Garden Mangunan

This one is a location I consider an absolute must-see. Important note: the most beautiful view is during the (very) early morning, so the best experience is for the early birds. If you’re there around 5AM you can watch the sunset and beat the crowds: win-win! Be aware, the mist is at its most beautiful during the rain season.




Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is an impressive premise with giant towers rising to the sky. The temples enclose ancient shrines with beautiful stone carvings and hidden statues. Tip: don’t hesitate to climb all the towers! We weren’t sure this was allowed, but after a security guard encouraged us to climb the stairs, we made sure to see all the towers. As you can see by the harsh light in this photograph, we were there in the middle of the day. NOT the best idea. I’m literally scorching here and came back to the hotel red as a lobster. Not very sexy. As with most locations, your best bet is to visit it during sunrise or sunset. Nontheless: you’ll be in awe by all the magnificence. Promise.




Kalibiru National Park

The Kalibiru National Park is a go-to for both a quick visit or a fun filled half-day. There are several activities, such as rock climbing, tight rope walking and a cable car. It’s the perfect place for impressive pictures, as there are highly placed wooden decks with amazing views! Hope you guys aren’t afraid of hights. I know I am.

Side note: all activities are charged separately, so make sure to bring some cash.

Jomblang Cave

One of the most beautiful caves in the world – sure to get you that million dollar shot. You’ll descend quite a bit, so be prepared for some mild adventure. Make to wear some serious hiking gear (at least sturdy shoes!), as you’ll explore rougher terrains. The best time for a visit is between 10AM and 2PM, as the sunlight then enters perfectly through the opening, creating magical illumination.

Yogjakarta - Jomblang Cave

Photo via: ZexsenSie



Borobudur Temple

The best known attraction in Yogyakarta, and with good reason! The sunrise tour gives you access to a dreamy view. There are quite some stairs, so make sure to bring some water and be a bit early. It takes some time to get on top of the temple. I would recommend being there as early as possible, to make sure you find a good and quiet spot to take pictures and enjoy the view. The sunrise tour is a bit more expensive than the other tours, but well worth the extra cost. You’ll get the best pictures by adding some perspective (as shown below). Good luck shooting, but most of all: enjoy 🙂

Yogyakarta 5

Enjoy your stay in Yogyakarta!

Love, J


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