8 reasons why London is the perfect Valentine’s getaway

8 reasons why London is the perfect Valentine’s getaway

8 reasons why London is the perfect Valentine’s getaway

We all know Paris to be the city of love. But it’s also the city of overcrowded-with-tourists during Valentine’s. Personally, I try to avoid mass tourism at all times. There’s not so much romance in being pushed aside when you try to view the Eiffel Tower. Neither is it very romantic being told “no” at every good restaurant and bar because the actual Parisians made sure they made their Valentine’s reservations well in advance. A quiet stroll along the Seine? Forget it. More like a mass hiking tour (topped off with screaming babies and stumbling over strollers and running children). So much for catching that little kiss in the magical moonlight. A certain “non non” for “l’amour”.

So maybe it’s time to explore some other cities. I’m a big fan of London any time of the year, and here are a couple of reasons why it could be the perfect romantic getaway:

1.They speak English

YES. One thing they’ve got that beats the French any day: they speak English. You can actually communicate with the people there without making yourself look like a fool. You know which food is on the menu and you can be sure you order the right G&T. Priorities.

2. The British Pound hit a 31-year low

Not much good has come from the Brexit. Except for one thing: the Pound hasn’t been this favorable in 31 years. If you would need an excuse for some excessive shopping: this is it.

3. A gorgeous variety of architecture and parks

If there’s one thing London has covered, then it’s variation. Old buildings mix flawlessly with new buildings and there are several beautiful parks amidst the concrete. How about a romantic walk in Hyde Park or a stroll along the river Thames?

4. There’s a London area for everyone

In Covent Garden you find a beautiful market with many hidden bars and restaurants, whereas high art and innovation meet in Hackney. If you’re more into the hipster vibe (I really don’t get the hipster ’thing’, but encourage anyone who does) make sure to visit Shoreditch. It has everything a hipster could long for: beards, great coffee, craft beer and special cocktails. More into the old days? Greenwhich is the place to be to feel the vibe of her majesty. Don’t skip good old SOHO for a lively night filled with booze, music and shenanigans. My favorite area is Mayfair. It has perfect little boutiques, stylish bars, amazing restaurants and wonderful cocktails. Make sure to check out Dukes bar for a top-notch Martini.

5. An indefinite amount of great restaurants, fine wine and fresh cocktails

Need I say more? Didn’t think so.


6. Because Paris during Valentine’s is so overrated

I mentioned it in the intro and I will mention it again: Paris.is.overrated. Not in general. Just during Valentine’s. Believe it or not, but it’s also a city of love during months other than February. Try it out. You’ll be surprised. Spring in Paris anyone?

7. Because there is just so much to do!

Really. There is more to do than you can get done during your getaway. I mean: musea, shows, attractions, sports, architecture, history, shops, restaurants, cocktail bars, wine bars, clubs and the casual wandering around the city. Good luck fitting all those things in your citytrip schedule!

8. Because: WEST END

I’m not going to deny it. I am a sucker for West End shows. And Broadway shows. And generally any show as long as it has amazingly talented people singing, dancing – and performing in general. It brings a smile to my face every time. Yes, I know the songs of Les Mis, the Phantom, Wicked and Miss Saigon by heart. And then some. West End is the place to be if you want to enjoy a night of wonders in the theatre. Get your tickets at TKTS with amazing discounts.



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